How Deceptive was Created



Back in 2009, M.D. Melai and C.S. Leigh had a class together in college. They would spend countless hours together each day. One day they came up with this amazing idea for a book and thus Deceptive was created. Both of them worked very hard and got half the book written, but then life got in the way. Several years passed and they would periodically write every now and then. 


In the first part of 2014, Leigh came to Melai and said that they needed to finish the book, so throughout the rest of the year they completed the book. At first they were hesitant if they wanted to release the book, but after a lot of thinking and praying they decided that this is what they wanted to do. Deceptive has now been released and the next two will be shortly behind it.  

About the Authors


M.D. Melai and C.S. Leigh are a cousin writing duo that lives in Wichita Falls, Texas.


M.D. Melai, when she's not writing, spends her days with her family and friends while chasing around her four-year old son. She is in the process of achieving her bachelor's degrees in History and English


C.S. Leigh graduated with  a bachelor's degree in business administration, but decided to follow her passion of writing. She spends her days and weekends with her family and friends while continuing to write with M.D. Melai.